Help Center


Employees in the clinical operations department manage the company’s clinical studies. Since there are various procedures, guidelines, and regulations to follow we kept most of our documents in a Microsoft SharePoint document repository. Unfortunately the repository was full of outdated documents and duplicates resulting in users voicing their frustration of not being able to find relevant information to complete their work. To solve this problem, we replaced the outdated help desk with a modern help center platform.

My Job:

Designing the help center was one of my first lead projects here that I was able to see through to completion. Choosing a base platform for the help center was a challenge because not one solution could meet all of our needs. I worked tirelessly with our vendor on customization and UI design to make the finished product user friendly and intuitive.

Duration: 7 months (Aug 2016 – March 2017)

UX Skills:

Sketching, High-Fidelity Prototyping, Storyboarding, User Testing, UX Research


Axure RP, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Site Map:

User Workflow:



User Feedback & Reiteration:

We invited ten people to preview the prototype of the help center.

The Form:
The Sub-Category and Subject seem to mean the same, and most people would like to be more specific. They wanted rename "Subject" to"Question and description to details". People wondered why it has to be mandatory and if they could make it optional.

Most users’ comments were: user friendly, intuitive, helpful, confident, aura of simplicity, not overwhelming, clean, simple, and a splash of color.

Final Product:

The aftermath:

I learned that due to limitations of the software platform we weren’t able to accommodate everyone’s wants. An example was not making description and subject mandatory. The vendor's platform makes it impossible to change the requirement of those two fields, but the requirement field can be modified on other custom fields.

Up till now the help center continues to go through content and interface modifications to meet the frequent changes within the organization.

Portfolio Projects: