Engagement Model Site (SharePoint)

Background & Problem:

Background: AP Operations is a department consisting of four teams: Communications & Change Management, Learning & Development, Business Process, Knowledge Management and Admirations. These teams serves all of the Organization.

Problem: With the recent re-organization, the business project managers had to take on more responsibilities. Our process team came up with the guidelines on how business project managers should engage different teams within AP Operations.

My Job:

I was tasked to build out a mini site within SharePoint to provide Business Project Managers information on how and when to engage different teams within our department, AP Operations.

Duration: 2 months (December 2017 – January 2017)

UX Skills:

Sketching, storyboarding, wireframing, UX research


Paper, pencil, Adobe XD

Site Map:

User Workflow:



User Feedback & Reiteration:

Male user | Mid 20s | PC user | Mac (inexperienced) | Tech-Savy rating: 9/10

After landing on the home page, he was able to click on the images automatically, but commented that the images were complex because he couldn't understand what they represented. Moving into the individual pages, the header was too large and needed to be reduced. Each page also needed a header to inform the user which page they had landed on.

Female user | Mid 50s | PC user | Tech-Savy rating: 6/10

The user started off by clicking on hyperlinks instead of icon. She noticed that the molecule icons looked the same, but each of the icons highlighted different parts of the molecule.

Female user | Late 40s | Mac user | Tech-Savy rating: 8/10

This female user mentioned that the letter spacing needs to be adjusted. She wish the icon would go up higher and wanted to substitute the "End-to-End Model" (which is located under the pdf icon) sentence to "Click here to view".

Female user | Mid 20s | Mac user | Tech-Savy rating: 9/10

It was noted that the icons do not make sense because it was not reflected on the the pdf. She mentioned that the home page does not give enough information about when the team should be engaged, who needs to use it, and what order the teams should be engaged.

Final Product:

There was a pretty tight deadline to meet, and due to the low resources, we had to work with what we had.

The aftermath:

Since there was a limitation to this project due to tight deadline and limited resources, I felt that if I were given the opportunity to re-do this, I would incorporate the last user’s feedback.

Things are user friendly when they do not have to be explained.
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