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Within Clinical Operations we have clinical trial leaders and associates (users) manage our clinical trials. There are tons of procedures, guidelines, and regulations to follow and thus we keep most of our documents is in a Microsoft SharePoint document repository system. Although, the repository system is full of outdated documents and duplicates, which result in users voicing their frustrations of not being able to find any relevant information to help resolve their day to day painpoints. To help solve this problem, we've created a Help Desk, and now a Help Center.

My Job:

I was to help customize the look and feel to ease in a large group of roughly 50 users, and to provide instructions to our vendor on what we would like to have customized, so that our users can browse for their answers, or submit a question without being frustrated.

The Help Center project was one of my earliest project where I lead the project from start to finish. Just to clarify, we did not build the Help Center from ground up. A lot of vendors were compared, but Zendesk seems to fit our needs. There were limitations because the platform was not built by us, but I worked with what I could.

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